Hi, my name is Eilidh and for as long as I can remember, video games have been my passion. I want to create gaming experiences that are fun and exciting whilst keeping the player interested and invested.

I have a deep interest in player-centric design and I love games that allow the player to easily immerse themselves naturally through the flow of the gameplay. For me, I get the most enjoyment from watching other people have fun with a game that I had a part in creating! Creating these experiences for others is what pulled me in to game design in the first place.

The most rewarding aspect of game development for me so far has been the opportunity to work with a diverse set of talented people and I find that I work my best in a multi-disciplinary team. Good communication and teamwork is the heart of game development and I always like to make sure I’m interacting with my fellow developers in a way that can only help improve the game we are working on.

I am always trying to improve my skills and develop as a designer whether that is through creating homebrew tabletop experiences for my friends, or challenging myself by participating in game jams to create types of games that I am unfamiliar with. I also enjoy reading up and learning about scripting languages to try and broaden my horizons as well as working on freelance art commissions in my spare time.

I am always eager to meet new people and gain new experiences, so please connect with me at my LinkdIn page or send me an email!