Flamenpolitik (HOI4 Mod)

Click to download Flamenpolitik for Hearts of Iron 4

Development Info

Game: Hearts of Iron 4
Genre: Mod
Development Time: 3 Days
Role: Content Designer


This mod was made with the intention of practicing with the scripting language used for Hearts of Iron 4 as I wanted to get more familiar with how events are created in one of my favourite games.

Design Goals

Believable Non-historical storylines: One of the charms of Hearts of Iron 4 is based in how believable the alternate history scenarios are in terms of their narrative and writing quality. I wanted to try and emulate that style whilst creating this mod. Having returned from a trip to Belgium, I felt inspired to research the conflict between that arose surrounding the history of collaboration during World War 2. As a lot of this history happened after the German occupation and I wanted this to be experienced by those playing as Belgium, I chose to write the narrative as an alternate historical scenario in which the collaborationist parties had started to rise in power before Germany invaded.

Passionate Storytelling: As I have presented a lot of work on my portfolio surrounding other aspects of game design such as level and UX design, I wanted to show some examples of my narrative skill set. I am passionate about HOI4 and telling deep and complex stories surrounding wartime and as such, I made sure to do ample research in preparation for this mod. I drew a lot of inspiration both from how the HOI4 developers wrote their events and from how I had documented my own personal stories that I use during my tabletop design.

Built in Twine

Whilst designing this mod, I used the Twine program to help in creating a branching narrative. I wanted this event to be a chain that could lead down a path that either benefits a democratic Belgium or a fascist Belgium playthrough. This allowed me to visualise the path in which the narrative was taking as well as create this branching line of scenarios that gave the player various choices in how to proceed with the chain.

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