My Museum


Game: My Museum
Genre: Management Simulation Game
Engine: Unity 2020 1.17f1
Development Time: 5 months
Role: Game Designer / UI Designer in team of 8


  • UI Design – Visual layout of game UI in relation to User Experience
  • Gameplay Design – mechanic conceptualisation
  • Documentation – Sections based on UI design and Gameplay mechanics.

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My Museum

  • Build your own museum, changing everything from the layout, decorations and exhibits on display.
  • Personalise a virtual space using real life exhibitions provided from Culture Perth and Kinross’ repository.
  • Learn about these objects through in game information panels.
  • Share your virtual museum with your friends online and take a stroll through their exhibitions.

My Museum was a game developed in collaboration with Culture Perth and Kinross. It was our job to build a base prototype for the client to take further on their own.

My Museum is a management simulation game where the player can design and build their own museum space to display various exhibits provided by Culture Perth and Kinross. When they have finished building their space, the player can upload and share their museum with friends online, allowing them to walk around their exhibits in first person to learn about what is on display. This was designed to work during the Covid-19 Pandemic in 2020, allowing people to access museum exhibits in a virtual space.

My Role

  • UI Design – Planning the flow of design for the UI and its visual layout within the game. Taking into account the User Experience and how the player would approach the UI.
  • Gameplay Design – Participated in the conceptualisation of the game mechanics – Building options, how to implement the exhibits, core gameplay loops etc.
  • Documentation – Writing and editing my sections in our game design document as the project developed.

As one of the designers on the team, it was my job to help concept and flesh out the core idea and gameplay loops for My Museum. This involved a few iterations based on research of other management simulators. Once this was finalised, my primary job was to work on the visual design of the UI and its relations to User Experience. This was done through paper and digital prototyping of different layouts and testing their accessibility on my teammates. The main issue of the UI design was creating something that would display all of the information we needed without being too clunky and overloaded with text. To combat this, we made sure to minimise the amount of text placed on the icons and instead use symbols that accurately represented what each button did.

As a prototype, our client was happy with what was produced. There are lots that we wanted to add and change following the end of development such as having more options for the players in regards to Museum design. I learned a lot from this project as it was my first large group collaboration that was being produced for a client. In the future I would create more iterations of the UI and test it on a wider audience in order to gather more detailed data. I would have also changed how the UI was presented, making sure that less of the screen was covered by any menus that were opened.