Parallel Processing

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Development Info

Game: Parallel Processing
Genre: Puzzle Platformer
Engine: Unity 2020.1.2f1
Development Time: 48 Hours
Role: Level Designer


  • Conceptualisation – Creating and developing the core idea of the game
  • Balancing and Optimisation
  • Level Design – Puzzle design, hazard placement, iteration etc.

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Design Goals

Thoughtful Gameplay: We aimed to have the player think carefully when planning their next move towards the goal. This made me think about designing with a difficulty curve in mind as the levels progressed. This would give the player time to make mistakes and learn through exploratory learning.

Parallel Controls: To keep with the theme of the game jam, we designed the game with the idea that the player would have to control two characters at the same time. One can jump and the other can grab. These mechanics would be used to solve the puzzles. If I took this game further in development, I would want to provide more abilities to each character to create more complex puzzles.

My Role

  • Working with a small team to create a short, but fun puzzle platformer that utilised parallel controls to solve the objectives.
  • As the level designer, it was important for me to constantly iterate on my design to ensure that the puzzles were both solvable and not too difficult to complete for someone not making the game.
  • This created a few problems in which after building a level, we discovered that it was impossible to beat. This required detailed tweaking and playtesting on my part. I also solved this by offering small testing opportunities to my peers.

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