Reaping Havoc

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Development Info

Game: Reaping Havoc
Genre: 2D Survival Shooter
Engine: Unity 2020.1.2f1
Development Time: 48 Hours
Role: General Designer in Team of 4

Made for Global Game Jam 2022


  • Conceptualisation – Creating and developing the core idea of the game
  • Balancing and Optimisation
  • UI Design – Making sure that the elements are clear to the player
  • Mechanic Design – Planning how the mechanics will fit the theme and ensuring they work in balance with the game.

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Design Goals

High Tempo Gameplay: We wanted this game to keep players on their toes. The mayhem caused by the spawning of the villagers not only cause the player to keep focused on keeping the Reaper going, but it also means that they need to think about switching to the spirit realm to restore their health. This was a key feature that we tried to keep in mind when designing this project.

Duality: To keep with the theme of the game jam, we designed the game with the idea that the player would have the ability to switch between the living realm and the spirit realm so that they can recuperate, plan their next move, and give them a chance to keep on playing.

My Role

  • During the conceptualisation stage, I worked alongside my team to jam an idea that would be fun and fit the theme of the Global Game Jam. I helped to suggest the mechanic of being able to switch the scene to let the player heal which eventually turned into the theme of playing as the grim reaper defending a graveyard from angry villagers.
  • I was mostly set in charge of the UI design. This meant that I focused on creating UI and menus that were easy for the player to understand and get all the information that they required. I made sure to keep the font consistent through all menus and GUI that also kept in with the theme of the game. I was also responsible for creating the logo for Reaping Havoc to help out the artist we were working with. If I had more time to work on this project, I would have wanted to ensure that the UI would not be sent out of place when it was uploaded onto This was a mistake that was discovered right at the submission point of the game jam. I would have also liked to have included a menu that would have offered the opportunity for a colour blind mode to make sure that all elements of the game were visible in both the living and spirit realm.

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